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Platine tourne-disque professionnelle à entraînement direct
33, 45, 78 tours - variation de vitesse ± 10%
Introducing the Numark PRO TT-1 High Performance Turntable that has been specifically designed for the industry professional.
This rugged unit is set apart from the rest by performance, appearance, and functions. This unit uses a very high torque direct drive motor to meet the demands if today's skilled turntablist. The surface of the unit is anodized champagne gold with a complimentary smoked brown removable lid. Key features of this unique unit include 33,45,& 78 RPM speeds, forward and
reverse directions, ±10% pitch adjustment, fully adjustable tonearm, and a surface mounted backlit LCD display indicating modes with a rotating 12-segment circular display indicating the spinning actions of the platter at all times.
  • ± 10% pitch adjustment
  • High Torque Platter Motor
  • Start/Stop Button
  • High Torque Braking
  • 33/45/78 RPM speeds
  • Forward and Reverse Platter Direction
  • Unique Top Plate LCD Display indicating:
  • Play/Pause Mode
  • Pitch Change Percentage
  • Platter Speed
  • Quartz Lock Mode
  • Rotating 12 segment circular display indicating the spinning actions of the platter at all times
  • Pop-up Stylus Target Light
  • Quartz Lock of 0% speed position
  • 45RPM adapter and holder
  • S-Shaped Tone arm assembly with :
    • Counterweight
    • Height Adjustment
    • Skating Adjustment
    • Height Lock
    • Lever lift with height adjustment
    • Tone arm holder with locking mechanism
  • Output for :
    • Audio {Left Right & Ground}
    • Platter Speed - to be used with external process devices
    • External START/STOP control
  • Adjustable Feet for Leveling
  • Easily removable smoked plastic lid
  • Extra Stylus Holder